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Stop the Tar Sands Pipeline

Here’s a let­ter you can use to reach out to your friends, fam­ily, and local net­works to help spread the word:

Dear _______,

Pres­i­dent Barack Obama will decide as early as Sep­tem­ber whether to light a fuse to the largest car­bon bomb in North Amer­ica. That bomb is the mas­sive tar sands field in Canada’s Alberta province. And the fuse is the 1,700-mile long Key­stone XL Pipeline that would trans­port this dirt­i­est of petro­leum fuels all the way to Texas refineries.

I am writ­ing you now because the Key­stone XL Pipeline is a cli­mate and pol­lu­tion hor­ror beyond descrip­tion. From August 20th to Sep­tem­ber 3rd, thou­sands of Amer­i­cans – includ­ing Bill McK­ibben, Danny Glover, and NASA’s Dr. James Hansen – will be at the White House, day after day, demand­ing Obama reject this tar sands night­mare. Given the high stakes, many pro­tes­tors will engage in peace­ful civil dis­obe­di­ence, day after day to make their voices heard. Already the atten­tion this event is get­ting will likely make it the biggest act of civil dis­obe­di­ence in the cli­mate movement’s history.

I’m going to be there, and I hope you will join me – this action, and this issue needs your voice. This action will be going on for two weeks, but to par­tic­i­pate, you should plan to be in DC for three con­sec­u­tive days between Aug. 20 and Sept. 3 that you can make it to DC, and let the world know just what you think of the tar sands. Click here to sign up: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/sign-up/

If built, the Key­stone XL Pipeline would lock Amer­ica into a future of planet-warming energy depen­dency. Indeed, Dr. Hansen – America’s top cli­mate sci­en­tist – has said that full exploita­tion of Canada’s tar sands would be “game over” for efforts to solve cli­mate change.

Pres­i­dent Obama alone – with­out input from Con­gress – has the power to approve or reject the Key­stone XL Pipeline. He will decide as soon as Sep­tem­ber whether to honor his cam­paign pledge to cre­ate a clean-energy econ­omy, or to lock us in as a nation that cooks and dis­tills filthy tar sands for much of our energy. Build­ing this pipeline will be an eco­nomic and moral set­back for clean-energy sources of all types. This is a line in the sand. The tar sands!

Here’s the link to sign up again: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/sign-up/

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