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Internet Marketing Startups — Facts You Should Consider

The rea­sons peo­ple get into inter­net mar­ket­ing are clear enough –the desire to be free of the daily grind and cre­ate your own finan­cial future. But achiev­ing these goals isn’t always as easy as peo­ple think. Peo­ple often start online busi­nesses because they see them as less costly and labor inten­sive than tra­di­tional types of busi­nesses. This is, how­ever, only part of the pic­ture. As with any type of busi­ness, there’s a def­i­nite learn­ing curve with inter­net mar­ket­ing, and you can’t expect to get rich quickly. What fol­lows are some proven prin­ci­ples that will help make your inter­net mar­ket­ing efforts as fruit­ful as possible.

In order to save money, many new online mar­keters search the web for free tem­plates they can use to build their first web­site. If you can find a tem­plate that works for you, there’s no rea­son not to do this. Be selec­tive, and pick one that’s suit­able for your site. But your real goal should be to have a web­site that’s made for your busi­ness alone. If you have the skills, you may be able to cre­ate an attrac­tive web­site on your own. If you aren’t com­fort­able with graph­ics, and you can afford it, con­sider find­ing a web designer for your project. Remem­ber, what you want and need for your busi­ness are going to be dif­fer­ent from that of your com­peti­tors. If you’re using a free tem­plate, you can be sure that lots of other sites are also using it. Should you incor­po­rate? This is one thing about your busi­ness that will require a lot of think­ing. Peo­ple have dif­fer­ent answers for this ques­tions. There are those who feel that you should form a cor­po­ra­tion even if you are just sell­ing other people’s prod­ucts. Many peo­ple say do not take this step until your busi­ness takes off. There are pros and cons for both sides. Get advice from small busi­ness cen­ter and see what is right for you.

What’s your sys­tem for deliv­er­ing prod­ucts? If you are sim­ply sell­ing infor­ma­tion online, this is pretty self explana­tory. When it comes to phys­i­cal prod­ucts, how­ever, you have to give this some thought. You have to con­sider the cost, reli­a­bil­ity and effi­ciency of your method of deliv­ery. Can you deliver locally, or should you use a drop ship­per? There are so many options these days for prod­uct deliv­ery. There’s no one right way to do it, and you have to con­sider the needs of your own busi­ness. Take a look at other busi­nesses sim­i­lar to yours and see what sort of meth­ods they use to deliver their prod­ucts. There are so many things both big and lit­tle that go into build­ing your own Inter­net Mar­ket­ing busi­ness. Some things are sim­ple to explain like get­ting a license for your busi­ness and pur­chas­ing equip­ment for your office. Other things are not that easy to pin­point such as get­ting into a busi­ness orga­ni­za­tion and ask­ing ques­tions about new busi­nesses. As you work to build and grow your busi­ness it’s easy to get intim­i­dated by all of the details you need to address. Don’t let it frus­trate you. If you work really hard, you will get good results.

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Simple Ways To Break Into Copywriting As A Beginner

Build­ing a busi­ness, espe­cially a suc­cess­ful one, starts with build­ing up your brand name, your rep­u­ta­tion and also using the right mar­ket­ing strate­gies. But of course you first have to find out how you can make other busi­nesses aware of you. Although this may seem like a dif­fi­cult thing to accom­plish, it really is not.

Learn­ing from oth­ers in the area, you can take that knowl­edge and add your own cre­ativ­ity to it. Peo­ple that are will­ing to be out in the pub­lic, and also poten­tially face rejec­tion, and some­times one up this num­bers game. As long as you can take a few punches and get rejected along the way, you will be fine as you build your local busi­ness reputation.

If your web busi­ness can ben­e­fit from your local offline busi­ness com­mu­nity, then you have to take mea­sures to let them know you exist. Send­ing post­cards is actu­ally a very viable way to alert busi­nesses in your com­mu­nity that you are actu­ally there. When you send post­cards, not only is it rel­a­tively cheap, but it can bring quite a surge of traf­fic to your busi­nesses. Although send­ing post­cards is a strat­egy that has been around for many decades, you still need to know a few intri­ca­cies involved with mar­ket­ing in this way.

There are slight nuances you can change such as color and of course your post­card copy is impor­tant, as well. If you do have the money to try this out, we rec­om­mend that you take the time to do it and see what happens.

When you are read­ing effec­tive copy­writ­ing, it usu­ally has to do with the style of the writ­ing itself. Think about how peo­ple talk to each other con­ver­sa­tion­ally. This is how I copy­writer writes. Pro­fes­sional copy­writ­ing is easy to dis­cern — it sounds like a con­ver­sa­tion between two friends that have known each other for­ever. You should go out to a pub­lic place to get some­thing to eat, or maybe a cup of cof­fee. Lis­ten to the peo­ple around you and that con­ver­sa­tional tone. It is not what they are say­ing that is impor­tant, but how they are say­ing it. This will give you an idea of how to write your own copy like a professional.

By chang­ing the prod­uct for­mat, you can actu­ally a lot of value to your prod­uct in a very short time. If you want a new video pack­age added to your prod­uct, sim­ply shoot videos and add DVDs as part of the update. It is pos­si­ble to upgrade in many ways. You might want to add PDF tran­scripts to the DVD phys­i­cal prod­uct. Basi­cally, it is just more infor­ma­tion added to the pack­age. To improve your cus­tomers over­all expe­ri­ence, the tran­scripts would allow them to read along as the video is play­ing so that every­thing makes more sense. Audio MP3s are also some­thing you should add to the pack­age. Once you know what you have to work with, you can think about what to do next. Then your prod­uct will appeal to a broader base of people.

One of the most impor­tant things you can do as a copy­writer is pro­tect your rep­u­ta­tion, and that encom­passes quite a bit. But you want to always be on time with your assign­ment. Not deliv­er­ing your work on time is prob­a­bly the eas­i­est way to tar­nish your rep­u­ta­tion in the copy­writ­ing indus­try. Don’t be late! This could end your busi­ness vir­tu­ally overnight.

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Easy Ways To Be A Better Article Writer

You know by now that one very impor­tant part of your Inter­net Mar­ket­ing strat­egy needs to be arti­cle mar­ket­ing. When an Inter­net Mar­keter is arti­cle mar­ket­ing, it shows what they know on cer­tain top­ics. This gets peo­ple to notice you. You will get more traf­fic to your web­site, and as a result, more sales and cash flow. Great arti­cles on not an acci­dent — the results you get are due to hard work. It’s true: writ­ing arti­cles isn’t easy. This arti­cle will show you how you can write an arti­cle that gets read makes you money because peo­ple click through to what you have to offer.

Never send out an arti­cle before it has been proof­read by some­one else. It will not be nec­es­sary to pay a spe­cial proof­reader to proof­read your work. You may have a friend or rel­a­tive that has a gen­eral under­stand­ing of writ­ing that will be able to check your arti­cle for any errors. You need to take care of this step as soon as pos­si­ble. You cer­tainly are the only one who knows what points you are putting out there. This means that you won’t catch the mis­takes as eas­ily as some­one who is brand new to the mate­r­ial. Do not for­get the impor­tance of hav­ing some­one check your arti­cle for incor­rect details before you put it online.

Don’t be afraid to point your read­ers to other ref­er­ences and resources they might find use­ful. Although this should never be done, Inter­net Mar­keters may be tempted to rep­re­sent them­selves as the only per­son that is an expert in the area they are writ­ing about. To improve your profit mar­gin, it is a good idea to con­vey to the reader that you went through a sim­i­lar learn­ing process. When you send peo­ple to other help­ful resources they will trust that your first pri­or­ity is help­ing them accom­plish their goals instead of just mak­ing money off of them. Peo­ple will buy from you if they trust you, which is why you give them so much infor­ma­tion. Although very bizarre, it really does work to increase your sales.

Share a secret every once in a while. Every­body is grate­ful when they are given some­thing for free. Your audi­ence will be assured of qual­ity ser­vice and goods and will also be more likely to visit your links. Not every­thing needs to be a secret. Once you have opened up and shared some of your tac­tics with your read­ers, they will see that you really care and are not just in it for their money. You need not blow arti­cle writ­ing out of pro­por­tion. Once you have done it for a time, it will not seem so daunt­ing as before. You will get pos­i­tive results if you just hang in there. We’ve taught you a few help­ful hints in this arti­cle. You sim­ply need to address these issues with your next article!

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3 Little Known Email Copywriting Methods Unveiled

If you are not very good at doing email copy­writ­ing, writ­ing effec­tive copy can be frus­trat­ing indeed. Learn­ing the basics of copy­right is prob­a­bly the best thing you can do to improve. Knowl­edge that you learn can be uti­lized in almost every area of online mar­ket­ing that you do. When it comes to the proper email for­mat, there are a few things you need to do dif­fer­ently. If you really want to do list mar­ket­ing, then it is worth your while to dis­cover what to do. Learn­ing how to write killer email copy takes the right infor­ma­tion and then practice.

Writ­ing email copy requires you to learn how to write very con­cisely, so the emails are short and direct. We all know the story and debate about long copy with sales let­ters. It is fine for that par­tic­u­lar form of mar­ket­ing. There is a dif­fer­ence, and you have prob­a­bly expe­ri­enced this before, when you open up a long drawn-out email. In regard to send­ing email, your goal is to gar­ner the atten­tion of those that get into their email inbox. But will give you a chance at get­ting their atten­tion is hav­ing short email copy. Peo­ple will actu­ally think, when they see your long email, they just don’t have the time to read through the whole thing.

Let’s take a look now at some com­mon­sense email mar­ket­ing advice for a sec­ond. You might have for­got­ten about this, though it is very com­mon. You need to be care­ful and com­ply with email spam fil­ters. Your words must be cho­sen very wisely. When you send out an email, using fig­ures of speech now and then is usu­ally okay.

How­ever, there are times when your email will not be deliv­ered because some of these words will trig­ger spam fil­ters. By using Google, you can search and find out what these key­words are that you should not use. Print them out, and keep them handy at all times. This is some­thing you should always use, and will make sure that your emails get through every time.

Any­way, you are an exam­ple of what your sub­scribers rep­re­sent since you are also a sub­scriber to other lists online. Any emails that you send, you should have at least a gut feel­ing as to how they will be received at your own sub­scribers. When you have this type of infor­ma­tion at your dis­posal, you can improve your emails dra­mat­i­cally. Many IMers have no idea about the strat­egy, yet it is so sim­ple to under­stand. Essen­tially, you sim­ply pre­tend that you are sub­scrib­ing to your own list. This way, you can actu­ally pos­tu­late ques­tions in regard to the emails you cre­ate. How­ever, for this to be effec­tive, you need to be bru­tally hon­est with your­self every time.

The email copy tips in this arti­cle are based on long stand­ing good prac­tices that have made peo­ple a lot of money. It isn’t just about the copy that you write when it comes to email list mar­ket­ing — remem­ber that! To avoid becom­ing an unhappy IMer, try not to do too many things wrong, and do your best to write the best email copy that you can.

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Choosing a Sincerely Effective Approach for Email Copywriting

Email mar­ket­ing is incred­i­bly use­ful when you do it cor­rectly. It’s your best option for gain­ing more leads, mak­ing more sales and grow­ing your web based busi­ness to a whole new level. Your email copy is the heart of your email mar­ket­ing cam­paign. If you do not have good copy, how do you con­vince your read­ers to take hon­est action? The entire point of mar­ket­ing via email is to get as much as pos­si­ble from it. No mat­ter what your pri­mary goals may be, you are going to need to focus on cre­at­ing the best qual­ity copy to get the very best and most tar­geted results. In this arti­cle we are going to explore three very unique tips that will help you write bet­ter email copy.

The sub­ject lines you write have the huge task of mak­ing peo­ple want to read your email copy. Don’t make the mis­take of try­ing to be too mys­te­ri­ous or sus­pense filled, and instead, be straight­for­ward with­out giv­ing too much infor­ma­tion away. Part of the rea­son any­one will read your emails will have in some part to do with what they think of you. You have received tons of emails, most likely, so it is not like you have no idea about how to approach writ­ing them. When you have a high open rate, it auto­mat­i­cally increases your chances of increas­ing your con­ver­sions. It’s impor­tant to under­stand that peo­ple don’t read emails–they scan through them. They don’t like to see huge chunks of text in their emails. So your copy should not only be read­able, but it should also be scannable to an extent. Any­body who glances at your email needs to be able to get the gist of what you want to say. Try and break down your copy if it’s long — use sub­head­lines and small para­graphs. Keep your sen­tences on point so that they are eas­ier to read. Your goal needs to be to offer some­thing to your read­ers that they won’t have to strug­gle to get through. Your copy should be enjoy­able, short and to the point.

Email copy works much bet­ter when it’s highly focused on a sin­gle pro­mo­tion. An email that con­tains a vari­ety of offers is likely to fail at con­vert­ing read­ers on any of them. Don’t offer read­ers a free report while also ask­ing them to sign up for a free trial of your soft­ware as well as giv­ing them the ben­e­fits of your new mem­ber­ship site!

The pur­pose of your mes­sage should be easy to under­stand. It’s best to con­fine your­self to one call to action in any sin­gle email mes­sage. Read­ers can more eas­ily act on one offer than sev­eral at once. You want to make it as easy as pos­si­ble for your prospects to act.

Every email mar­keter knows that the value of email mar­ket­ing lies in the rela­tion­ship that you share with your sub­scribers or prospects. Now, unless and until you get your copy right, you can’t really enhance this rela­tion­ship. Sub­scribers do not expect you to com­mu­ni­cate in rad­i­cal ways, but they do expect you to prop­erly com­mu­ni­cate your ideas in ways that are actu­ally effec­tive. So, learn­ing how to cre­ate the best email copy pos­si­ble allows you to get the most from your email mar­ket­ing efforts. You aren’t just get­ting a bet­ter con­ver­sion rate, you are also build­ing a stronger brand for your audi­ence. And that, my friend, is the best thing of all in terms of your success.

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How to Enhance Your Perseverance as an Internet Marketer

Some­times Inter­net mar­ket­ing can feel like a really dif­fi­cult and com­pli­cated game in which the rules are already set and the only way to win is to stick to those rules like glue. Even though you have to think of a lot of dif­fer­ent things and have a lot of dif­fer­ent skills to make sure that your Inter­net Mar­ket­ing busi­ness suc­ceeds, the most impor­tant of all of those things is per­se­ver­ance. With­out a high level of per­se­ver­ance, it’ll be impos­si­ble to keep on the right track with­out los­ing focus. So, if you have been work­ing hard but still aren’t suc­ceed­ing in IM, it’s pos­si­ble that your level of per­se­ver­ance isn’t where it is sup­posed to be. The real pur­pose of this arti­cle is to offer you a clear idea as to how you can work on improv­ing your level of per­se­ver­ance and get more out of your IM efforts.

Just about the biggest rea­son that Inter­net Mar­keters can’t main­tain their focus and give up early is because they want to do every­thing them­selves and wind up not get­ting much done at all. If you want your busi­ness to suc­ceed you need to make sure that you work really hard at the things you are good at and let oth­ers take care of the things you are not good at, it really is that simple.

Hir­ing the best peo­ple and out­sourc­ing tasks that are related to your Inter­net mar­ket­ing endeav­ors is not all that uncom­mon; you will see that most of the big IMers do this. When you’re focused on doing what you like doing, and get the mun­dane stuff done by oth­ers, it’ll become a lot more eas­ier to stick to your goal.

It is going to sound weird but you need to start tak­ing risks with your IM business.

Don’t be afraid to take the less trav­elled path and be open to exper­i­ment­ing with new ideas. How does this help you with the per­se­ver­ance? It’s sim­ple, when you move out of your com­fort zone and expe­ri­ence suc­cess in dif­fer­ent areas, you’ll find that giv­ing up becomes harder. It’s easy to per­se­vere when you have an adren­a­line rush keep­ing your curios­ity piqued about the dif­fer­ent risks you’ve taken as well as the out­comes from those risks.

Pos­i­tiv­ity should be a big part of your Inter­net mar­ket­ing busi­ness because run­ning it on a suc­cess­ful level requires you to be positive.

A really good way to have this is to stay focus on your goal while visu­al­iz­ing good things. It’s true, visu­al­ize your cho­sen out­come and you will see that giv­ing up isn’t a good option. When you know exactly what you want and can visu­al­ize it vividly in your mind, you’ll find it much eas­ier to per­se­vere and give up the thought of giv­ing up. There are lit­er­ally too many rea­sons to count that cause peo­ple to fail at Inter­net Mar­ket­ing; how­ever, when you focus on per­se­ver­ance, you will see that it is a lot eas­ier to over­come any obsta­cles that might tum­ble into your path. What helps you find suc­cess in Inter­net Mar­ket­ing is the con­tin­ual push­ing for­ward no mat­ter what road­blocks might get in your way and that is why you need to begin work­ing on your per­se­ver­ance in the begin­ning: it is impor­tant to your over­all busi­ness strategy.

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Strategies for Article Themes and Topics

All con­tent cre­ators and arti­cle mar­keters under­stand they must write about those top­ics and ideas that will be found to be inter­est­ing and add value. There are processes that need to be exe­cuted well to make this hap­pen. So let’s explore this idea and process a bit more, now.

Yahoo Answers is still the best, and that is prob­a­bly because they were the first to offer that type of for­mat. That site has been around for years, and so you know that just about any topic can be found. Con­sid­er­ing the amount of infor­ma­tion at Yahoo Answers, we would be shocked if you were unable to find some­thing use­ful for future arti­cles. And the fact that real peo­ple ask ques­tions here shows that the top­ics that you come across are actu­ally in-demand within your niche. Try to really zero-in on your known pos­si­ble top­ics and ideas for arti­cles. The most impor­tant thing is to find your niche ques­tions in this site, and then just keep read­ing. Going off the net and look­ing in mag­a­zines is a ter­rific way to find inspir­ing con­tent. This has to be some of the most fun and enter­tain­ing ways to per­form research for your arti­cles. You know it will all be good stuff because these are pro­fes­sional mag­a­zines that are pub­lished by seri­ous busi­nesses. You can actu­ally sub­scribe to a cou­ple of good mag­a­zines within your niche so that you keep track of new and inter­est­ing ideas for your upcom­ing arti­cles. After you have a list of pos­si­bil­i­ties, then all you have to do is research them in depth.

Some peo­ple do not con­sider videos to be con­tent, but it most cer­tainly is excel­lent con­tent. So what you are look­ing for are ideas, and you can per­form your idea research at Youtube. Do not over­look the right col­umn because there will be related videos you can watch. All the videos will be tagged with key­words, and they will be niche key­words just for you. You can get a lot from Youtube, so just imag­ine how much more you can get from other large video sites. Last but not the least, prac­tice think­ing out of the box, because that will not only help you get unique arti­cle ideas but it’ll make it easy for you to stay ahead of the crowd.

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Accomplish a Lot in a Little Time — How to Build an Online Business

When you are an Inter­net Mar­keter it is very impor­tant to improve your pro­duc­tiv­ity so that you can get as much as pos­si­ble from your inter­net based busi­ness. When you’re in the open­ing stages of your busi­ness, there is more effort involved in actu­ally get­ting as much done as pos­si­ble so that you can focus on your growth fac­tors. Most online mar­keters find them­selves faced with the ques­tion “how do I accom­plish as much as pos­si­ble in as lit­tle time as pos­si­ble?” It isn’t that hard; in this arti­cle we will teach you how to sim­plify your effort and get even more done.

Learn how to prop­erly use the online appli­ca­tions that will help you be more pro­duc­tive while reduc­ing your work­load at the same time. There are many tools on the web that are free of cost and can do won­ders when it comes down to help­ing you get more work done.

For exam­ple, cre­at­ing to-do lists on paper is a good idea, but when you’re man­ag­ing vir­tual work­load, isn’t it a good idea to take care of your to-do lists online itself? You can use any num­ber of online tools to man­age your to-do lists. This is just one exam­ple, you’ll eas­ily find lots of other pro­duc­tiv­ity enhancers to help you out.

You should be an email ninja (the mas­ter of your email inbox); don’t let the inbox con­trol you. If you feel like your email inbox is start­ing to con­trol you, you should know that your pro­duc­tiv­ity is going to tank. Each step that you take toward man­ag­ing your email can really help you out and allow you to get more done. The emails you wait for and that need to be addressed imme­di­ately deserve the high­est pri­or­ity. But any­thing apart from that, let it take the backseat.

Be sure that your com­puter is dis­trac­tion free because dis­trac­tions are only good for slow­ing you down. The absolute worst thing about vir­tual dis­trac­tions is that they make you feel like you’re work­ing but you’ll see at the end of your day that you have accom­plished exactly noth­ing. So shut down all of your dis­trac­tions: no instant mes­sag­ing, no RSS reader, no e-mail client; these can all get in the way of your accom­plish­ing any­thing real; focus on the things that can keep you mov­ing forward.

You need to iden­tify those things that aren’t help­ing you accom­plish your tasks and that are get­ting in the way of your accom­plish­ing your tasks and, at least for the time being, get rid of them. Every sin­gle tip that we dis­cussed in the arti­cle above is easy to apply, and can change the way you work around your online busi­ness. After all, grow­ing your web busi­ness depends on how well you can man­age your time and get the most of your tasks. The thing that you need to remem­ber at all times is ensur­ing that you are open to exper­i­ment­ing with new ideas to improve your pro­duc­tiv­ity reg­u­larly so that you could con­tin­u­ously improve the return you get on your time investment.

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Getting the Best from Your Internet Marketing Company with Successful Management

Fig­ur­ing out how to suc­cess­fully uti­lize your time man­age­ment skills will help you to grow your online mar­ket­ing busi­ness and get you closer to reach­ing your goals. Below are three time man­age­ment sug­ges­tions for inter­net mar­keters who are hav­ing a hard time get­ting orga­nized and man­ag­ing their time.

Keep a Daily to Do List: If you want to keep track of your time bet­ter, then focus on mak­ing a daily sched­ule. That is right, if you do not wish to deal with the stress of becom­ing over­whelmed or los­ing con­trol, then main­tain­ing a daily to do list will be a key solu­tion. It helps to sort through your tasks accord­ing to impor­tance and gives you a clear pic­ture of what you should be doing. No one has the abil­ity or time to fin­ish all tasks. Which is why set­ting your pri­or­i­ties will make it eas­ier to han­dle the most press­ing tasks first. In addi­tion, when you do not write infor­ma­tion down, you can­not focus prop­erly on what needs to be done. You must write your task down on paper so that you can see what tasks must be per­formed on a daily basis in order to help you reach your most impor­tant goal. Main­tain Your Focus: You have to rec­og­nize that you can’t do too many things at once. It’s always best to focus on one activ­ity at a time and not start some­thing new until you’re fin­ished. Multi task­ing can be a pro­duc­tiv­ity killer and can eat up into your time with­out you know­ing it. Con­cen­trate one activ­ity at a time and give it your best effort. Even though it’s great to be good at mul­ti­ple things and achieve more than the oth­ers, you need to under­stand that even suc­cess comes one step at a time. As you work on improv­ing your time man­age­ment skills, you also want to remem­ber the impor­tance of focus­ing on the qual­ity of your work. One inter­est­ing fea­ture about time is that we can expe­ri­ence it as going by fast or slow, depend­ing on the cir­cum­stances. The speed at which it appears to pass varies accord­ing to your focus. The best way to give your­self more time is to improve your effi­ciency and con­cen­tra­tion, and you can do this by keep­ing your focus on one task at a time.

If Pos­si­ble, Del­e­gate: When­ever you can, you should del­e­gate or out­source any activ­i­ties that are a drain on your time. By doing this, you can make your busi­ness much less stress­ful and man­age your time bet­ter as well. Trust me, it makes a big dif­fer­ence to your over­all time management.

So don’t under­es­ti­mate what a large role time man­age­ment plays when it comes to the effi­ciency and prof­itabil­ity of your inter­net business.

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How to Make Bum Marketing Work for You

Bum mar­ket­ing might not make you mil­lions of dol­lars but it can jump start your own online career if you do it right. Given below are a few impor­tant tips that you should keep in mind when run­ning your own bum mar­ket­ing cam­paign to ensure that you’re get­ting bet­ter results…

It’s In the Num­bers: If you want to suc­ceed with bum mar­ket­ing you have to under­stand that it’s a num­bers game which means that you need to write tons of arti­cles reg­u­larly so you can send traf­fic to your offers all the time. It doesn’t mat­ter what niche you are in as long as you under­stand that you need to write lots of arti­cles around dif­fer­ent key­word vari­a­tions. You can’t rely on 2 or 3 arti­cles per week to bring you tons of vis­i­tors and sales. It is essen­tial that you are fully ded­i­cated to this endeavor because you are going to have to write tons of arti­cles. You will find that the most suc­cess­ful bum mar­keters tend to have hun­dreds of arti­cles online that gen­er­ate a lot of tar­geted traf­fic together because they each rank for a par­tic­u­lar key­word and send a few vis­i­tors which all add up. Think Beyond the Arti­cle Direc­to­ries: Bum mar­ket­ing is about more than just sub­mit­ting a bunch of arti­cles to a bunch of arti­cle direc­to­ries; lim­it­ing your­self to the direc­to­ries lim­its your suc­cess. There are many dif­fer­ent options that you can focus on such as start­ing a Squidoo Lens, cre­at­ing a Hub­Page, etc. These are highly ranked author­ity sites that Google and the other search engines trust and like and that’s why tar­get­ing them can be such a great idea if you want your rank­ing to improve. Sales are your pri­mary goal as you put together your bum mar­ket­ing cam­paign and if you can go beyond the arti­cle direc­to­ries, you will have a bet­ter chance of rank­ing highly (maybe even the front page of the search results) and that means that you should be able to make more money and get more sales.

Stay Updated: It is impor­tant to stay up to date if you want to ensure that you’re choos­ing the right niches and mov­ing your bum mar­ket­ing efforts for­ward. It’s impor­tant to know what is hap­pen­ing within your niche and whether there are any new oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able for you. A good idea is to use the Google Alerts ser­vice to keep track of your tar­geted key­words to know if there are any new ideas that you can work on to pro­duce arti­cles for your bum mar­ket­ing cam­paign. The more updated you are, the bet­ter you’ll be able to tackle your com­pe­ti­tion in the long run.

There is quite a lot that you can do to get your bum mar­ket­ing cam­paign to work for you if you know what it takes to cre­ate arti­cles that your read­ers will enjoy read­ing and that will inspire them to take action and check out your offers and promotions.

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